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Update for Authors!

Hey, everyone!

We’ve been getting more — and more urgent — queries lately, so we wanted to make things a little more transparent!

It’s been a time of change and chaos for many of our staff — our editor-in-chief just moved, our summer interns phased back into school — and we’ve also been working out some concerns about our future as a magazine.

Meanwhile, we’re no Tor.com, but we do get hundreds of submissions (and correspondingly high numbers of queries). Our staff is entirely volunteer, and we do our best, but our responses to stories and queries are continually slower than we’d hoped.

Rest assured — we haven’t lost any stories, and we’ll post here when all the responses have gone out, so you’ll know if you missed our e-mail.

Meanwhile, if you have another submissions deadline, we’ll understand if you have to withdraw your story and resubmit at a later date. But we hope you’ll stick it out with us through this bit of upheaval!

You guys are great and we love you, and we love your hard-to-decide-between, excellent stories.

Thank you for your patience!

Rachel Halpern, editor-in-chief, and the staff of Inscription Magazine

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