Amazon Prime – Ending Video Game Pre-order Discount

The gamers amongst the Amazon Prime Video customers may be saddened to know that their hugely popular pre-order discount is coming to an end.

However, for those tracking the company’s gaming division, the loss of the video game pre-order discount should carry little surprise. Originally, the Amazon Prime discount rivalled the best buy Gamers Club Unlocked discount, offering subscribers 20% off of new games. Then, Amazon relegated their deal to pre-orders. In a systematic series of cuts, Amazon removed re-released and remasters from their discount scheme. Now, Amazon Prime is removing their £2 preorder discount, leaving its UK gamers with little more perks than their ‘Twitch Prime’ member benefits, such as deals on games, DLC, and shipping.

Specifically, in a statement released by Amazon, they announced that customers would no longer be able to use the pre-order discount from August 7th 2018. However, Amazon have affirmed that customers will still be able to access discount codes for new video game releases (which is a feature of many online retailers), bonus games to keep each month, and a monthly subscription for a Twitch streamer. In such case, with many retailers offering release-day delivery on gaming pre-orders, an advantage not exclusive to Amazon Prime, it is feasible to predict that many shoppers will opt for other outlets when purchasing video games. In short, with the removal of one of Amazon’s last remaining exclusive perks, it may be time for shoppers to look elsewhere for their gaming needs.