Indiegogo Success!

Our Indiegogo campaign was a success! Thank you so much to the nearly 100 donors who gave to make Inscription Magazine a reality. Check out our Founders page to learn more about them!

Sorry you missed it? The campaign is over, but many of the prizes — like a year’s subscription to our e-books or an Inscription Magazine tote bag — are still available in our Store! Just want to support Inscription? You can still donate any amount as well!


Inscription Magazine is officially open for business!

We’re just getting started right now, but keep an eye out for new science fiction and fantasy Stories, free on our site, coming soon! Plus, check out the articles and keep up with our site news on our Blog!

In the meantime, want to chat about your favorite stories? Looking for other sci-fi and fantasy fans? Head over to our Forum to hang out with other readers like you!

Want to explore the site? You can read our About page to learn more about Inscription and the editor-in-chief, submit stories on our Submissions page, or spend some time browsing our Store.

We’re excited to have you!

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Allow me to be among the first to offer a hearty Congratulations Inscription Magazine! Welcome to the world! As a longtime reader of Sci-fi/fantasy, and as a writer, I cannot tell you how excited I am to watch as this magazine grows and flourishes in the coming years. There has definitely been a dearth of quality, young adult magazines of this wonderful, imaginative and fascinating genre. I encourage everyone to keep close tabs on IMag and lend your support wherever possible, whether it’s through donation, subscription, submission, purchases or simply helping to get the word out that there’s a new kid in town. Again, congratulations Inscription! Here’s to a long and prosperous life!

First Story!

The first story is up! Check out “Salt Favor”, by Kate Hall, and then head over to the forum to discuss!

Submission updates

We just wanted to give some updates on the submission process!

First of all, we’ve added a submission form to the site! The guidelines have been updated to reflect that; otherwise, that’s all the same: diverse YA sci-fi/fantasy remains our thing.

Secondly: we’ve been so excited to see all of the wonderful submissions that have been coming in! Unfortunately, because of that, we’re pretty well swamped. We’re going to close submissions for the month of June to catch up. If you’re in a hurry, send us your story soon! Otherwise, we’ll re-open to submissions in July.

Thirdly, we’ve brought on a new first reader! Welcome to Miah Sonnel Saunders!

Finally, for those who have already submitted stories: don’t worry about the system change! We have your submission, however you sent it in, and we’re going through them as fast as we can. If we’ve had it for a while, we are very sorry for the delays! We weren’t expecting this many stories (or this many awesome stories), and we’re moving a lot slower than we’d hoped. Now that we have a new first reader, as well as stopping submissions for June, we should be caught up soon. Check your inbox!

Of All Possible Worlds

The June story is live! Check out “Of All Possible Worlds”, by Phoebe North!

Another note for June: as stated last month and in our submissions guidelines, we’re closed for submissions until July, so hold off a little longer on any stories you want to submit! We’re still catching up with all the wonderful stories we’ve received this year.

Editor-In-Chief Update

Hey, all!

Those who have been waiting for query responses might notice that there have been some delays in the e-mail chain. The editor-in-chief is currently most-of-the-way through a trip that includes graduating from a master’s program and staffing a young writer’s workshop, both of which have involved significantly more time requirement and less internet access than anticipated. We are so sorry for any delays, and normal responses should be back on track within a week.

Submissions Closing

Hi, everyone!

It’s been an exciting year since we opened in January! We’ve gotten hundreds and hundreds of wonderful submissions — of which, due to our funding, we can only publish 12 per year. At this point, all the stories we purchase will be coming out of the submissions we have already received, and we won’t be accepting any new submissions.

To everyone who has already submitted to us, we plan to send a final wave of responses over the next week or two, so hang in there! And we’ll wish the best of luck placing all the wonderful stories we just won’t have the space (or funding) to print.

We hope to open again for submissions next year, when we have a better sense of how many stories we’ll be able to afford. Until then, we hope you’ll all keep on reading!

Update For Authors!

Hey, everyone!

We’ve been getting more — and more urgent — queries lately, so we wanted to make things a little more transparent!

It’s been a time of change and chaos for many of our staff — our editor-in-chief just moved, our summer interns phased back into school — and we’ve also been working out some concerns about our future as a magazine.

Meanwhile, we’re no, but we do get hundreds of submissions (and correspondingly high numbers of queries). Our staff is entirely volunteer, and we do our best, but our responses to stories and queries are continually slower than we’d hoped.

Rest assured — we haven’t lost any stories, and we’ll post here when all the responses have gone out, so you’ll know if you missed our e-mail.

Meanwhile, if you have another submissions deadline, we’ll understand if you have to withdraw your story and resubmit at a later date. But we hope you’ll stick it out with us through this bit of upheaval!

You guys are great and we love you, and we love your hard-to-decide-between, excellent stories.

Thank you for your patience!

Rachel Halpern, editor-in-chief, and the staff of Inscription Magazine

This Time For Sure

Hey, everyone!

Editor-in-chief here — I know a lot of you have been pretty frustrated with us lately, and I don’t blame you! We were hoping to have responses out and stories up at a rapid pace in the last several months, and instead it’s been pretty slow-to-none progress, especially as far as most of you can see.

In the last year, I’ve unexpectedly ended up with a new house and a new job, on top of some ongoing medical problems I hoped were in the past. Editing a magazine for free while moving, working, finishing grad school and/or ill has been a bit more exhausting than I bargained for. So I’ve fallen behind!

I know I’ve promised a sudden increase in responses a few times now. See the title: this time for sure. I’m hoping to start getting responses out the door and stories back up on the site pretty rapidly, so take a deep breath and keep your eyes on your inboxes.

Sorry again about the delays, and I hope to do better in future.

Thanks to those of you who’ve stuck with us. Keep being awesome, and I hope that you’ll hear from me soon.

Rachel Halpern

Note: we’re still closed for submissions, and have been for some time now; if you’ve sent a submission during that time, you should have received an automatic reply. Either way: if you submitted a story in the last few months, you should know that we don’t log any stories that come in while we’re closed for submissions. If you sent us a story, keep an eye here to see when we’ll next start accepting submissions, and you can resubmit it then. Otherwise you probably will not hear back from us, as we don’t have time to respond personally to each story that comes in while we’re closed. Thanks for your understanding.