Amazon Contact Number: 0800 279 7234

You can contact Amazon customer services for free by calling their UK freephone number 0800 279 7234 for technical support when ordering books to your home address, to cancel your Prime subscription and to download the latest Kindle app.


What is Amazon?

Amazon is one of the largest internet retailers with a global presence, moreover they have expanded in recent years to offer Kindle hardware devices, video streaming and music downloads. Given their size it is unsurprising that they sell a significant proportion of literature sold worldwide in a variety of formats including physical books, audio-books and electronic copies. They also sell a variety of newspapers and magazines on their dedicated Kindle Newsstand store.


Amazon customer services (UK) – 0800 279 7234

Phone Amazon UK for free on their freephone contact number 0800 279 7234 for technical support when placing an order, to cancel a delivery and to complain about a missing package. Customers with a Prime membership can call this helpline to renew their annual subscription, to confirm their annual prices and for troubleshooting if you are having difficulties streaming films using their video player. Furthermore merchants can phone this helpline for advice on listing items on the Amazon platform and to link their business PayPal accounts.

Calls to Amazon are free of charge from all UK landline and mobile telephones, however phoning them on this helpline from outside the country will incur international call charges. Lines are open daily from 8am-6pm however there may be closures in effect during public holidays.


Amazon Kindle enquiries – 0800 496 2449

Phone Amazon for support with your Kindle device or app by calling their dedicated contact number 0800 496 2449 for free, where can get returns information if your Fire tablet needs to be repaired. You can also manage your regular subscriptions and request a refund for an unwanted book purchase by calling this helpline, however note that you will not be able to get a refund for a title that you have already read.


Complain to Amazon – 0207 084 7911

Contact Amazon on their UK head office phone number 0207 084 7911 to make a formal complaint about a missing delivery, to report a fraudulent transaction and for poor streaming quality. You should also call this helpline if you have purchased an item which was falsely advertised. Moreover if you are an affiliated merchant you can contact Amazon on this number to report missing payments and malicious false reviews.


Amazon contact numbers (UK)

Amazon department Phone number
Amazon UK customer services 0800 279 7234
Kindle enquiries 0800 496 2449
Complain to Amazon 0207 084 7911


Write to Amazon

Customers can send formal enquiries to Amazon by posting letters to their UK head office which is situated at the following Slough postal address. Please note that this office does not accept cheque payments unless these have been previously approved by a member of their staff:

Amazon Customer Services,
1-9 The Grove,
SL1 1QP,
United Kingdom.