Three Stranger Things S3 Fan Theories

The undisputed cultural phenomenon of the last couple of years – Stranger Things, has been native to the undisputed streaming phenomenon – Netflix. Stranger Things is a programme that has the Midas touch, appealing  to what the entertaining industry refers to as the ’four quadrants,’ men and women both older and younger than 25. Nostalgic and referential, original and compelling, the show features an 80s setting and music to support its cast of characters. Yet, what will perhaps cement the show as a modern classic is the fact that it has been planned to air for only four seasons. Arguably, many television programmes fail to improve with age, with their writing taking a swift decline, unable to maintain the freshness of their original incarnation. With this said, a four-season limit will keep the quality tight and prevent creative atrophy. Series Three has much at stake, taking the programme into its final act and tying together narrative arcs that have been previously laid. Here, we discuss the Top Three Season Three fan theories. Spoilers lie ahead

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Eleven’s Mum is in the Upside Down


As Season Two revealed, Terry Ives, Eleven’s mother, took part in Project MKUltra, and under the supervision of Dr Martin Brenner was subject to experiments involving mind-altering drugs and sensory deprivation. Her baby was stolen during childbirth, before being turned into a superhuman capable of telekinesis. Following Terry’s attempt to retrieve her daughter, Jane (Eleven), she was captured by the Hawkins Lab scientists, and was subsequently electrocuted to the point of vegetation, uncommunicative, and with the events of her trauma playing through her mind on a loop. When Eleven tracked her mother down (following the clues found in Sheriff Hopper’s cabin), she discovered her to be unresponsive, until, she attempted to communicate via telepathy (in the Upside Down). On this plane, Terry was more lucid than she had been before, responding verbally with the word ‘no,’ and showing Eleven what happened many years ago. Like her daughter post-power usage, Terry’s nose began to bleed. This may indicate that Terry’s consciousness is more powerful in the Upside Down, and she, too is capable of telepathy. Could Season Three introduce Terry Ives as a more major player in taking down the Hawkins National Laboratory, and could her psychic connection with her daughter grow stronger, challenging Sheriff Hopper’s position as the sole parental figure in Eleven’s life?

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We See More Numbered Children

With our introduction to Eight, the absence of children One to Seven, and Nine to Ten, are the proverbial elephant in the room. It is an inevitability therefore, that we discover at least some of the children experimented on by the Hawkins National Laboratory in Season Three of Stranger Things. Hubris will befall Dr Martin Brenner, and the children that he actively tested upon, will help clear the problem he accidentally caused – the portal to the Upside Down. Notably, Eight is distinctly older than Eleven, demonstrated further in the flashback scene in Hawkins Lab, suggesting that the test subjects as far back as One may be much older yet. Even if these super-powered children are now adults trying to conceal their traumatic past, I wager that that they will not be able to do so much longer. Seemingly, Stranger Things may just become more like X-Men.

Winter is Coming to More Than One Major Show

The Winter 1985 Cold Wave was a meteorological event that saw uncharacteristically cold weather in the Eastern half of the US. As Season Two of Stranger Things took place in the Autumn of 1984, and Season One took place in 1983, we can assume a further year to pass to mark the setting of the third instalment of the show. Why is this significant? The Mindflayer, the brain behind the Demigorgon hive mind, definitely likes the cold, with Season Two revealing his vulnerability to heat. I imagine that the unusually cold weather during the Cold Wave Winter of ’85 could bolster the Mind Flayers powers, making his presence in Hawkins more eminent, and ultimately more menacing. Narrative convention usually dictates that the antagonist is most powerful before the final act of a story, and the extreme climate will provide the context to allow that to happen.

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Although Stranger Things Season Three has been officially announced, we do not yet have an official release date, though we can expect the show to air on Netflix in the final quarter of 2018.