Submission updates

We just wanted to give some updates on the submission process!

First of all, we’ve added a submission form to the site! The guidelines have been updated to reflect that; otherwise, that’s all the same: diverse YA sci-fi/fantasy remains our thing.

Secondly: we’ve been so excited to see all of the wonderful submissions that have been coming in! Unfortunately, because of that, we’re pretty well swamped. We’re going to close submissions for the month of June to catch up. If you’re in a hurry, send us your story soon! Otherwise, we’ll re-open to submissions in July.

Thirdly, we’ve brought on a new first reader! Welcome to Miah Sonnel Saunders!

Finally, for those who have already submitted stories: don’t worry about the system change! We have your submission, however you sent it in, and we’re going through them as fast as we can. If we’ve had it for a while, we are very sorry for the delays! We weren’t expecting this many stories (or this many awesome stories), and we’re moving a lot slower than we’d hoped. Now that we have a new first reader, as well as stopping submissions for June, we should be caught up soon. Check your inbox!