Orange is the New Black Season 6 – Review

With its fifth season being met with a mixed reception at best, the inevitable demands for Orange is the New Black’s swan song have been loudly reverberating in the online echo chamber that is social media. However, it is apparent that the newly released sixth season has attempted to reinvigorate the once ground breaking show by focusing on select characters and narratives. Here, we examine whether OITNB is indeed ready to be shelved, or whether its sixth season successfully reminds its audience why they fell in love with it – its sharp writing, pacing and commitment to diversity.

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From Oval Office to Netflix – an Obama Story

In the spirit of writer neutrality, I shall phrase the following sentiment as follows: it seems that a lot of people aren’t too pleased with Barrack Obama’s presidential replacement. In fact, it could be said that Donald Trump attracts a fair bit of outrage. One may even argue that, collective disbelief at his candidacy – he was a TV show host after all – has become fiery indignation towards the actions of his presidency. Ironic it is, therefore, that Obama is making the opposite career shift, going from POTUS to TV executive.

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Aggretsuko – Making the Daily Grind Kawaii

I have a favourite people-watching game, which, I’m sure is not exclusive to myself, and which includes identifying members of the public as members of the animal kingdom. This is not a cruel or jeering pastime, I assure you, but more in line with the fact that I sometimes think that an individual has a distinctly ‘zebra-personality,’ or even an ‘otter essence,’ perhaps, maybe, they may possess a feline feeling of aloof cool.

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Netflix Secret Codes

A Netflix homepage will list categories based on algorithms that factor an accountholder’s personalised viewing habits and preferences. Therefore, each account is presented with an entirely different set of suggestions than the next, and may be locked out of being shown a specific category due to a watching something that may not entirely reflect their tastes.

However, by using a simple web address trick, you can find any one of Netflix’s many genres and sub-genres when changing certain numbers in a URL. Specifically, when logging into Netflix, type into your search-bar to bring up one of the thousands of genres that are listed in Netflix’s library. This way, you, rather than an algorithm has control of the content that you can stream, binge, or ‘chill’ to.

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Most Binge Watched Netflix Shows

Netflix has always been secretive when it comes to the viewing figures for its shows. This, I surmise, is a pre-emptive defence against criticism in the case that any of their original content flops, if their shows fail to meet their hype. Although we do not have viewing figures or ‘ratings’ of the series released on the streaming service, Netflix has in fact released data on what they describe as their ‘binge racers.’ Truly, binging has become a large part of our culture in manner of ways and for a long time instant gratification has changed the way we consume visual media. According to Netflix in 2017, 8.4 million binge racers watched an entire series within 24 hours. Here we list the ten most binge-raced shows on Netflix by a UK audience, and wonder whether their consumption is due to a quality of content that is insatiably moreish, or whether many a viewer has fallen asleep before the ‘are you still watching’ message flashes on their screen. Regardless, the future of television seems not to be television, but online…

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Top Three British Sitcoms on Netflix UK

January 2018 saw a long yearned-for wish finally granted to many a Netflix viewer. All 10 seasons of the US smash hit sitcom, Friends, have been added to Netflix UK. Fans of the show were famously dismayed when Channel 4 and E4 stopped airing repeats back in 2011. The programme, in its syndication, became a perennial comfort, almost always on air, which is a subtext that I’m sure is not lost given its name.

Whether you are a long-suffering fan, or are looking for a Netflix programme to binge-watch to help you get through the winter months, you are likely to find some enjoyment in the most successful sitcom of all time. However, if Friends is not the viewing companion that you are looking for, then do not fret, as here we list an alternative – the top three British sitcoms available on Netflix UK…

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Three Stranger Things S3 Fan Theories

The undisputed cultural phenomenon of the last couple of years – Stranger Things, has been native to the undisputed streaming phenomenon – Netflix. Stranger Things is a programme that has the Midas touch, appealing  to what the entertaining industry refers to as the ’four quadrants,’ men and women both older and younger than 25. Nostalgic and referential, original and compelling, the show features an 80s setting and music to support its cast of characters. Yet, what will perhaps cement the show as a modern classic is the fact that it has been planned to air for only four seasons. Arguably, many television programmes fail to improve with age, with their writing taking a swift decline, unable to maintain the freshness of their original incarnation. With this said, a four-season limit will keep the quality tight and prevent creative atrophy. Series Three has much at stake, taking the programme into its final act and tying together narrative arcs that have been previously laid. Here, we discuss the Top Three Season Three fan theories. Spoilers lie ahead

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