Why we’re excited about Sky’s Britannia

With Britannia, Sky Atlantic brings a new historical period drama that marries a medieval setting with fantasy elements. This is a combination not unfamiliar to fans of contemporary television epics. We’re keeping a close eye on the programme, eager to see if the show is merely a Game of Thrones clone, or will create a cultural phenomena in its own right. With GoT off our screens throughout 2018, Britannia will either fill the void it has left, or remind us of what we’re missing. So, with high expectations, we’ve comprised a list of the reasons why we’re excited about Britannia, first airing on January 18th, 2018…

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Predictions

Season 7 of Game of Thrones, like the seasons that preceded it, set conversation ablaze. You don’t have to be of a particularly discerning mind to notice that both diehard fans and casual viewers have been theorising about the television juggernaut, its characters and its prophecies. You could even argue that Game of Thrones has replaced talk of the weather as a unifying conversation topic that allows friends, colleagues and strangers to connect, albeit in a less soul-destroying manner than meteorological small-talk. A part of the draw comes in from the fact that detailed theorising and slow-building intrigue is all the more valuable in an age binge-viewing and the instant gratification that it accordingly inspires.

Season 7 of GoT saw some long-debated theories finally become realised, ending years of fan conjecture. Airing on Sky Atlantic in 2019, the eighth and final series of Game of Thrones is still some time away, giving us ample opportunity to further debate existing theories and to consider new ideas on how the show will end. Spoilers ahead

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